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Confessions of a Wallflower, By Faith Connolly

A book of poetry and prose with unique illustrations for everyday inspiration.

Love, suffering, and healing fill these pages of poetry and prose. Intricate, modern illustrations filter through the words and complement the art which speaks by itself on each thoughtfully curated page.

Printed on 100% recycled, sustainably forested paper with partnered tree planting projects while representing a beautiful high-quality book for everyday inspiration.

A perfect addition to your coffee table, inspirational bookshelf or to be carried everywhere with you and read over and over.


Lola Ziggy, Volume IV, By Rachela Grace Nardella.

The fourth volume of Lola Ziggy is a self published Art + Poetry Book curated and created by Artist; Rachela Grace Nardella.


In this latest edition, we see a collection of poetry, prose, and artworks from 20 artists that have been created from vulnerable places of heartache and longing. Centered upon the theme "There Will Be Beauty From These Ashes", we explore the journey of grief and her companions; suffering and sorrow, and their successor — hope.


12 Metre Pool, By Brian J Tracey

A collection of haiku-sized equations, many of which were found within 10 minutes walk of the author's home near Tallow Beach, Byron Bay. The images are, with one exception, detailed photographs of acrylic paint applied to black formply. The 'exception' is a late afternoon photo taken in a cemetery on the Summerland Way.